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A list of topics to build a performance or a residency around.

  Themes for Concerts and Residencies

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  • Animals - Stories of animals - real and unreal 
  • Appalachian Tales - Jack Tales, Grandfather Tales, Mountain Tales 
  • Celtic Tales - Scottish, Irish, Welsh stories 
  • Character Ed Tales - Stories that teach and reinforce values 
  • Classic Literary Tales - Beowulf, Cremation of Sam McGee, etc. 
  • Community Tales - Collect stories for telling and/or publishing 
  • Environmental/Ecology Tales - Recycling, restoring, preserving 
  • European Tales - Folk, fairy, and cultural tales from many European countries 
  • Fables - Aesop and beyond 
  • Family Tales - Interview family members, create oral & written tales 
  • Folk, Fable, and Fairy - Compare and Contrast these three story types 
  • Ghost Stories - Appropriate for various ages (from simple non-scary to hide-under-the-bed!) 
  • How and Why (Pourquoi) Tales - Used by various cultures to explain scientific phenomena 
  • Latin American Tales - Study of Latin American tales and culture 
  • Math Focus Tales - Stories involving the math process - puzzles, riddles, and tales with mathematical problems to solve 
  • Modern Fairy Tales - Familiar tales rewritten by changing characters setting, or point of view 
  • Musical Tales - Ballads and Story Songs 
  • Myths - Greek, Roman, and Norse 
  • Our Common Heritage: State Legends & Songs - Program or residency based on stories and history of your state 
  • Tall Tales and Legends - Lies, Whoppers, and Truth 
  • Science Focus Tales - Combined themes of Myth, ,Science , and How & Why - Examine the myth and the facts 
  • Stories From Around the World - Tales from various requested countries, Asia, Africa, Europe, North & South America 
  • U.S. Regions/History - Tales and History of the U.S.: Colonists, Westward Movement, Civil War, Gold Rush, etc 
  • Writing & Telling Your Own Tales - The process and skills for telling stories correlates to writing stories. Tell, then write it! 
  • Other themes available on request. You ask for it, I'll create it! 
  • Or, choose a combination of any of these themes. (Especially writing with any other theme)

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