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Residency themes are adaptable to the various grade levels. Some themes can be woven together into a single residency.

  Themes for Residencies

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  • Animals 
  • Recommended Grades K - 3 
  • Stories of animals - real and unreal 
  • Appalachian Tales 
  • Recommended Grades 4-12 Tales of Appalachia, comparison with tales from other cultures. 
  • Community Tales 
  • Recommended Grades 5 - 12 Students learn how to collect stories of the community from various sources for telling and/or publishing. 
  • Environmental/Ecology Tales 
  • Recommended Grades K - 12 Stories of recycling, restoring, and preserving our world. 
  • European Tales 
  • Recommended Grades 4 -12 Folk, fairy, and cultural tales from Europe. 
  • Fables 
  • Recommended Grades 2 - 12 Aesop and beyond, rewriting old fables and writing our own for telling. 
  • Family Tales 
  • Recommended Grades K - 12 Younger students collect stories orally (such as "What Happened On The Day I Was Born?," "A Time My Mom or Dad Got Into Trouble," etc. Older students collect both orally and in written form. Interview family members for stories about the family or incidences to make into stories. 
  • How and Why (Pourquoi) Tales 
  • Recommended Grades 3 - 8 Used by various cultures to explain scientific phenomena. Can be used as a beginning in students researching the real scientific reason for phenomena and/or for writing their own How and Why Tales. 
  • Latin American Tales 
  • Recommended Grades 5 - 12 A study of Latin American tales and culture. 
  • Math Focus Tales 
  • Recommended Grades K - 8 Stories that involve the math process - puzzles, riddles, and tales with problems to solve. 
  • Modern Fairy Tales 
  • Recommended Grades 5 - 12 Students take familiar or formula tales and rewrite as a modern tale by changing the characters, setting, or point of view (Similar to "Politically Correct Bedtime Stories", but not as sophisticated.) 
  • Musical Tales 
  • Recommended Grades K - 12 Ballads, Story Songs, Creating Class and Individual Stories in song. 
  • Myths 
  • Recommended Grades 6 - 12 Greek, Roman, and Norse 
  • Tall Tales and Legends of America 
  • Recommended Grades 5 - 12 Lies, Whoppers, and Truth 
  • Science Focus Tales 
  • Recommended Grades K - 12 The themes of Myth, How and Why, and "Real Science" combined 
  • Writing & Telling Your Own Tales 
  • Recommended Grades 3 - 12 The process and skills needed for telling stories correlates to the process and skills needed for writing stories

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